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Upcoming Deadlines!

Thursday, August 14
Annotated bibliography:Should include at least ten sources. Check class notes about format.

Peer Assessments: Assessments of two of your classmates' drafts of chapter 3. The grading rubric may guide you.

Thursday, August 21
Second Draft of Chapter 3: This should be very close to a final draft. It should lay out completely how you are going to answer your research question. It should be good enough so that someone not familiar with your work should be able to read chapter 3 then hypothetically be able to gather the same data, analyze it the same way, and obtain exactly the same results that you will discuss in chapter 4.

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Integrative Research Project

January 2008 MBA Cohort (JA)

Research Coordinator:
James Murray
Office: 505 Murphy Center (enter through 501)
Phone: 608-796-3365
Mobile: 608-738-5408
Syllabus for IRP II (pdf)

Class Notes
Class notes 7/24/08: Writing an Effective Literature Review
Presentation (pdf)   Printer Friendly (pdf)

Class notes 7/24/08: What is statistical significance?
Presentation (pdf)   Printer Friendly (pdf)

Class notes 7/31/08: Statistics: Making Comparisons Across Populations
Presentation (pdf)   Printer Friendly (pdf)
Excel sheet for grade school data: gradeschool.xls
Excel sheet for education spending: eduspending.xls

Class notes 8/7/08: Statistics: One-way and Two-way Analysis of Variance
Presentation (pdf)   Printer Friendly (pdf)
Excel sheet for crime data: crime.xls

Class notes 8/14/08: Statistics: Measuring Relationships Among Variables
Presentation (pdf)   Printer Friendly (pdf)
Excel sheet for Florida election data: floridaelection.xls
Excel sheet for public expenditure data: publicexp.xls

Chapter Grading Rubrics
Chapter 3 (pdf)